rafaro worryingly in a hurry notify me, "the hamster! the hamster is giving birth!" "wha...? what?!" i never know that the hamster was pregnant.

so i ran to the aquarium where we hold a couple of hamster, and ever there i musst saw a horror scene.

the excitement became a devastatingly horror situation, we saw the male hamster eaten one of the baby. hurry we exile the male hamster to a cardboard.

now, there were two hamster baby are still red, hairless, tiny, wiggling. while, the mother sit silently lining to the floor,

i try to find information about what to do with the baby hamster on internet. some article gives suggestion "do not interfere, let the mother do her thing, make sure there is enough food and water"

ooh ok,

so denny pour some additional of the food in the container. not long after that, the female start to walk around again as of nothing happened. she even step on the newborn babies several time. and as usual, after piling some food inside its mouth, it will goes to some corner.

and suddenly a little red object come out under her. whoaaa another hamster baby. the baby struggle to come out, while the mother sit still chewing or organizing food inside her mouth. after all of it body completely out, the mother ate the placenta.

and things seem back to normal, the female hamster walk - or running - around as there was nothing happened. and she just left the babies there, and sometimes those three hamster babies get stepped on.

when we return home after praying at the mosque,
we only found two babies, wiggling, and after close examination on the aquarium, rafaro spotted something like a tiny bone.


so the mother ate the baby too?! and with a closer look, it seem one of the other baby has blood shed in some area of its head.


it's complicated, if the mother going to be exile, it will left the baby alone, but without any milk that it should be consumed. and if we left the mother with the baby. she somehow will ate them.

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